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Looking to adopt a Sugar Glider?

Fill out an SOS Application today, for approval tomorrow. Talk to us, ask us questions, visit our rescue. Find out if this is the best pet for you and your family :-)

Check out our 'News' link for up to date info on Suggies looking for a forever home, Suggies newly rescued by SOS, and other recent news.

Want to know more about SOS?

Please check out our 'About Us' page for more details about our Rescue.

Want to be a part of SOS?

Become a Member of our website today. Go to our 'Members' page to register.

Want to volunteer? We are always looking for part time volunteers, that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, because cage cleaning is always part of the job description :-)

Click on 'Contact us' and send a request along with a short bio of your interests in helping out. 

How else can YOU help?


Donations are always welcome at SOS, and can come in many forms. Donations don't always mean money. Below you will find our current wish list of items we need and/or desire...


Wish List

Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, vinegar, pure ayre, scrubbing pads, thick rubber cleaning gloves, sponges, Odo-bon, empty spray bottles for cleaning solutions.

Food Supplies

Tupperware containers (freezer safe), small ceramic food bowls, small glass water bottles, foraging toys


Frozen veggies: (corn, green beans, peas, carrots), 

Frozen fruit: (grapes, cherries (no Pitts), apples, raspberries, blueberries, melon, strawberries, peaches, mango, papaya)

Honey, avocado, corn on the cob, pomagranite, celery, cucumber, stage 1 baby food (chicken with broth), 

Meal Worms (live!)

Meal Worms, Mighty Mealies & Super Worms are a delicacy around here. No more than 500 at a time recommended due to lack of storage. Some great vendors include 

Camillies Vita Mealies (organic mealies)

Grubco (mighty mealies)

Premium Crickets

New Cages

Only approved, Suggie safe cages are accepted as donations. See links for approved cages on our 'Resources' page.

Pressure Washer

Although we currently borrow one, this is a great tool for cleaning cages outdoors.

Fleece Cage Sets

These are needed to send home, new, with each family that adopts from SOS. This way we know they have at least one safe cage set, and a set of standards to go by for their future purchases. We only accept cage sets that are suggie safe :-)


Styptic Powder: Used to stop bleeding, this comes in many forms. Our favorite is the one that comes in a 'Q-Tip' form, and 'snaps' to let the medication ooze to the tip. I believe there are 'pencils' types, and of course, the trusty powder version.

Quick Derm: Used on open wounds, this stuff is a miracle, and lessons healing time.

Vetericyn: "all animal wound and skin care" Anticeptic used to clean wounds. They sell this at your local TSC, Tractor Supply Company.


These can be purchased from Denise Rainwaters, board name "minkasmom"

We can use these in all sizes


Walmart, Ingles, Dollar Tree, MC, Visa

We constantly need to buy new supplies... Fresh/frozen food, freezer containers, food bowls, water bottles, safe toy parts, cage & accessory hardware, shower curtains, cage liners... The list goes on and on

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